Taylor Swift celebrated passionately, kissing her boyfriend to celebrate the Super Bowl championship

Taylor Swift celebrated passionately, kissing her boyfriend to celebrate the Super Bowl championship
Taylor Swift gave boyfriend Travis Kelce a long kiss after the Super Bowl victory. Photo: The Japan News

On the morning of February 12 (Vietnam time), one of the most popular sporting events in the world is the 2024 Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs taking place at Allegiant Stadium, in Paradise, Nevada.

As a result, with the match reported live to many countries around the world, Chiefs won a dramatic 25-22 victory. Many famous stars such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Gordon Ramsay, Lana del Rey, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Paul McCartney, Fat Joe… are present on the field.

Notably, there was also the presence of famous singer Taylor Swift in the stands . She is a passionate fan of the Chiefs, because Travis Kelce – her boyfriend, is a member of the team.

Interest in the 34-year-old female singer began on the morning of the match (local time), when she finished her Eras Tour from Tokyo and returned to the US. Taylor Swift was in Los Angeles just in time to watch the match.

She wore an all-black outfit, highlighted by a red jacket and a necklace with the number 87, which is also Kelce’s shirt number.

Taylor Swift stands out in the stands at Allegiant Stadium.  Photo: Page Six
Taylor Swift stands out in the stands at Allegiant Stadium. Photo: Page Six

Swift was seen arriving at the stadium with actress Blake Lively, recording artist Ice Spice and her parents, Andrea and Scott Swift. Singer Lana Del Rey then joined Swift and friends in their suite.

Besides her impact on the NFL audience, there is one statistic that stands out: when she is in the stands, Kelce averages 99 yards per game, while in her absence, that number is only 99 yards per game. level 46.

Taylor Swift had a Super Bowl experience and there, she expressed every emotion, regardless of the focus on her on the three giant screens at the stadium.

The 58th Super Bowl took place in 4 quarters and created many emotions in Taylor Swift. When the score was 0-0 after the first half, Taylor Swif was seen with a worried look on her face.

The second half was even more worrying when the Chiefs were led 10-3 by the opponent. She tried to relax by using her drink.

By the third quarter, Kelce and his teammates won 10-0, before the fourth quarter ended with a score of 9-6 for the 49ers and Taylor Swif was seen biting her nails when the score was 19-19.

The 34-year-old singer showed many emotions while watching the match and celebrated passionately when her boyfriend Travis Kelce's team won.  Photo: Page Six
The 34-year-old singer showed many emotions while watching the match and celebrated passionately when her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s team won. Photo: Page Six

But in overtime, Chiefs won 6-3 to end the match with a score of 25-22. At this time, Swift was seen filled with joy after the victory, immersed in a group celebration party that took place in the VIP area where she watched the match.

After presenting the trophy, Taylor Swift and Kelce hugged each other for a long time and gave each other a long kiss right on the field. This image quickly spread around the world, on social networking sites.

It was a long night for Chiefs fans, Swift included.

The origins of this superstar pairing stem from comments Kelce made on the “New Heights” podcast in July, where he admitted that he tried to give Swift his phone number during the “Eras” concert Tour” which he attended with a friendship bracelet.

Kelce and Swift have since revealed that they started hanging out quietly soon after, and by the time Swift attended Kelce’s first game in September, they were already a couple.

Since September, during a break from the tour, Swift has gone to many of Kelce’s matches. The Super Bowl was Swift’s 13th game she attended, since then, she said, 13 is a lucky number.

And the Chiefs won the Super Bowl for the second year in a row after four appearances in the past five years.

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