The Inspiring Story of a Widow, a Widower, and Their Blended Family of 11

We cannot escape what destiny has prepared for us, the good and the bad. And when 35-year -old Erica’s first husband passed away, she and her children had to muster up their courage, confront their hard reality, and have faith that a better future was lying in wait for them. When she met Spencer, their path was once again made clear.

Today they are parents to 11 kids, and they prove that appreciating our present without forgetting to cherish our past is the secret to a healthy life.

We want to share the story of this wonderful blended family with you that shows us we should never give up on happiness, no matter what.

A few years ago, Erica never would have guessed that she would be posing for this family photo beside her second husband and the 11 children they have together. And even though they were given a wonderful reason to grin once more, this lovely large family nevertheless had to confront and go through one of life’s greatest tragedies.

After 8 years of valiantly battling a sickness, Erica lost her cherished husband Tony, who was 31 years old, in 2016. He was her spouse, the father of their seven children, and her dearest friend. In fact, Erica was still carrying their last child at the time. And 4 months later, she gave birth to a strong and healthy baby boy, who she named Caleb.

As the months passed, Erica’s young family gave her the strength, purpose, and motivation to carry on even though the memory of her adored husband Tony never left her. She truly enjoyed taking care of each of her kids. And each day she awoke eager to continue walking alongside them in this world.

By throwing herself into motherhood, she felt fulfilled by where she was standing in her life. She even became happy once again and accepted her present situation. And about a year after her loss, Erica’s friends were finally able to convince her, after months of persistence, to join a singles event.

Following their devastating losses, Erica and Spencer met via an online widower support group, where their love story began. After 13 months, the couple said “I do.”

The pair were finally able to meet, and their face-to-face bond felt even stronger. When she met him in person, Erica noticed that the young father was ’’mild-mannered and kind and complimentary, and very good-looking.’’

Clearly the feelings were mutual, as Spencer expressed his desire to date her,  but the mother of seven wasn’t ready just yet and preferred to stick with their friendship.

After a few months, their children, especially their two oldest boys, who were both 10 years old, grew closer. And with time, the bond between their parents got even closer.

Erica acknowledged that she felt that same “enriching, deep connection you only feel with a spouse” with Spencer. And, when she looked into his eyes, she sensed the same comforting emotion of being “at home” just as she did with Tony. This is when Erica understood that they should be together.

She opened up to Spencer, and he was ecstatic to finally hear those words. It seemed that destiny had brought them together to give love another chance.

And on a “bright and cold winter day,” the lovely couple tied the knot. The big day was filled with joy and the cheerful dancing of their 11 kids, ages 2 to 10.

The happy 35-year-old notes, ’’My once shattered heart from the loss of Tony not only healed, but it grew larger than I could ever imagine.’’

But that she loves each one of them “COMPLETELY, in a beautiful way.” When she looks back at her journey, the mama says that it has ’’enriched her family with an appreciation for the present and a reverence for the past.’’

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