The MC joked poorly and angered Taylor Swift at the 2024 Golden Globes

In 2021, an investigation by the Los Angeles Times (USA) news newspaper revealed that the Golden Globes awards committee does not have any black members. This causes the award judging process to be considered unfair, causing film projects starring black actors or directed by black directors to be ignored and not properly recognized in award giving activities. .

Therefore, the Golden Globe Awards, which faced a fierce boycott, had to overcome the hardship by agreeing to reshuffle the awards committee, adding more members who were journalists and critics. black cinema .

The MC made an unflattering joke, angering Taylor Swift at the 2024 Golden Globes - 1
The MC of this year’s event is comedian Jo Koy (Photo: Page Six).

The attractiveness of the awards ceremony then also decreased significantly. In June 2023, the Golden Globes were restructured to become an award that balances non-profit activities and for-profit activities.

In the past, the Golden Globes often emphasized the aspect of non-profit activities for good purposes that contribute to the development of the film industry.

But from now on, the for-profit purpose of the tournament has officially been clearly and publicly approved in legal documents. This is expected to create a turning point, causing many changes in the appearance and operation of the tournament from this year.

However, after the awards ceremony, prestigious American news outlets commented that the Golden Globes could not yet be a phoenix rising from the ashes of scandals of the past.

Variety news commented that this year’s awards ceremony still has some problems in the way it is organized, showing that there are still many things that need to be done in the future for this award.

The MC joked poorly, angering Taylor Swift at the 2024 Golden Globes - 2
This year, the appearance of female singer Taylor Swift at the awards ceremony is considered a highlight to make the event more attractive (Photo: Page Six).

Although Hollywood stars gathered in large numbers at the awards ceremony, this is considered a good sign that the Golden Globes are no longer turned away by the stars, but how successful the award organization is is another story.

This year, the Golden Globes still cannot find a quality MC to lead the show. The most famous MCs in Hollywood still consider the Golden Globes a risky event. In fact, the Golden Globe has not returned to its rightful position as a prestigious award in the filmmaking world, while this award was once considered second only to the Oscars in terms of popularity.

Because of the tournament’s shaky position, many famous MCs have refused invitations to host the event. The MC of this year’s event is comedian Jo Koy. With the awards ceremony program lasting more than 3 hours, the role of the host is decisive in the success or failure of the awards ceremony.

Host Jo Koy said he accepted the role of hosting the awards ceremony two weeks before the official event took place. Previously, a number of other MCs refused the invitation of the Organizing Committee.

In fact, at this time, Jo Koy is receiving mixed reviews after hosting the show. He was judged as not being graceful in his jokes, lacking humor, and not bringing the necessary level of entertainment to the show.

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MC angered Taylor Swift at the 2024 Golden Globes (Video: Page Six).

This year, the appearance of female singer Taylor Swift at the awards ceremony is considered a highlight to make the event more attractive. Taylor Swift is at the peak of her career. She attended the awards ceremony because the movie Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, which she produced, was nominated in a new category – Movies with cinematic achievements and revenue.

Jo Koy made a joke that made Taylor Swift immediately feel “less happy”, she expressed her attitude right in the auditorium and left early. Specifically, the male MC said: “Do you know what is the difference between the Golden Globe awards ceremony and a match in the American National Football League? That is, at the Golden Globes, the camera has no direction.” too much about Taylor Swift, because there are many other things worth paying attention to.”

Jo Koy’s joke not only touched Taylor Swift’s ego but also reminded her of the fact that recently, Taylor Swift often cheers on her boyfriend – rugby player Travis Kelce – every time he goes on the field.

Cameras on the football field were constantly pointed at Taylor Swift, which caused some football fans to complain that Swift’s presence on the field reduced the audience’s concentration on the match.

The MC joked poorly, angering Taylor Swift at the 2024 Golden Globes - 3
Taylor Swift chats with friends in the Golden Globe Awards auditorium (Photo: Page Six).

Some viewers also think that Swift should not cheer for her boyfriend, because when she appears on the field, Travis Kelce’s team usually… loses. Jo Koy’s joke suddenly became sensitive to Swift, evoking unhappy emotions, causing her to indeed reveal an unhappy expression. Immediately after learning that she did not win the award in the nominated category, Swift left.

The humor in the way of hosting, the joking that is enthusiastically received by the artists, the ability to make the audience laugh out loud and give applause are the key points for the MC to lead the awards ceremony. award success in Hollywood. But the Golden Globes have not had that success this year.

Expectations for more quality, drastic, and radical innovation at the Golden Globes did not appear. The way of organizing still has many limitations, right from the stage of inviting MCs, there are difficulties. The Golden Globes have not been able to change, there has been no transformation, just as Variety commented, the phoenix has not yet been able to rise from the ashes of scandals of the past.

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