The Northern Lights make a mysterious noise and now we might know about the reason

Auroras Make Weird Noises, and Now We Know Why

Have you ever wondered how auroras are born? Believe it or not – they are the result of solar storms. The Sun keeps releasing some of its plasma out into the galaxy.

When the plasma clouds get into contact with the Earth’s magnetic field, something interesting happens: the solar storm gets deflected.


Our sun this huge ball of helium keeps releasing some of its plasma out into the Galaxy when a bit of plasma is released from the sun’s field and is out in space it’s called a solar storm you’ve certainly heard of them before these plasma clouds will fly by Mercury and Venus before reaching the Earth but when they do get into contact with the Earth’s magnetic field something interesting happens the solar storm gets deflected this collision between the solar storms and the Earth’s upper atmosphere produces tiny flashes of light that fill the polar sections of our skies looking at it from an earthlings perspective.

The sky is a bit cloudy so the bright orange Sun keeps the sky red purple yellow and all colors in between.

But when it sinks down on the horizon and almost disappears it turns green well that’s unexpected it’s not that the sun has turned green.

You see as the sun is sinking below the Horizon the light is being dispersed through the Earth’s atmosphere like a prism this Prism Works like a mirror inside a cup full of water.


Looking at it from Earthling’s perspective, it looks like the Auroras are moving or even dancing. And, they also make noise!

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