These photos capture the original beauty of the baby’s birth

Monet The unadulterated beauty and sincerity of childbirth are captured in Nicole’s photographs. Every woman who gives birth, no matter how or where, has a unique and special experience. In a warm, close-knit setting where the mother may pick who she wants to be around, from her husband to her eldest kid and other family members, home births are more prevalent than births overseas. family. It is essential that the delivery followed a standard procedure and that the pregnancy wasn’t regarded as high-risk.

Monet Nicole is an expert birth photographer and midwife. According to her, giving birth is a traumatic experience that alters a woman. She shares this sentiment and cites the delivery of her children as the impetus for hiring a professional birth photographer on her personal website. Monet is one of the most well-known photographers of the present day. She has observed the births of numerous women and posts updates on her personal Instagram account, which has more than 159 thousand followers.

Her photos stand out because of the way they capture childbirth moments. They highlight the raw beauty of the birth, do not beautify the situations and try to perfectly convey the feelings of the parents and the atmosphere of what goes on in the delivery room.

Monet often describes in her posts how she herself goes through each birth as a midwife and a photographer. In one of her most recent articles, she describes a home birth and writes about it:

Seven frames of a birth narrative. As the snow outside began to fall, the surge began and grew stronger. She was beginning to tremble when I got there, and I could see she was having some strong contractions. She went in the bathroom. She departed. In her husband’s arms, she gave delivery while standing by the bed. Both chaotic and ideal, it. She gave birth to a girl en caul. After that, everyone curled up in bed. Simple, diligent, worthwhile, and lovely.

Her images do the finest job of capturing exactly what the photographer mentioned above.

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