Timeless Splendor: Egypt’s Famous Temples, with Hathor’s Temple Taking Center Stage.

Built around 2250 BC, the decorative artwork surrounding the building has been extremely carefully preserved despite being thousands of years old.

The Temple of Hathor is the main temple in Dendera, which is known for having one of the best preserved temple sites in Egypt. Facing the Nile River, the ancient temple layout includes many unique works of art from ancient Egypt.

The temple was built to worship the goddess Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love and daughter of Ra, the sun god. Hathor is often represented as a cow. She is the goddess of joy and love, of dancing and singing. Hathor cared for mothers and children. She nourishes the living and transports the dead to the underworld.

Although the temple is absolutely stunning, its ceiling structure is a true masterpiece. Recently, through restoration, a breathtaking and vibrant aerial painting was slowly revealed. Decorated with an intricate astrological chart of the heavens and signs of the zodiac, the ceiling of this ancient temple offers a highly detailed setting for study and also captivates visitors with its opulence. , so ancient and vague.


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