Tiny Hero: The Brave Journey of a Little Dog’s Rescue Mission

A courageous little 6-year-old Yorkshire terrier in Scarborough, Toronto, Canada, has become a celebrity by putting herself between a wild coyote and a human family member.

Dorothy Kwan, the dog’s adoptive mother, claims that her 10-year-old daughter Lily was strolling with Macy when a coyote started following them down the street. One of the neighbors’ surveillance cameras captured the child crying for assistance while tugging on Macy’s leash.

Lily tried to pull the rope to sprint beside Macy, but her dog refused to move, so she let go of the leash.


She stated to Local 12:

“I dashed to the sidewalk and began crying for aid, but no one heard me.” I recently spotted a coyote attempting to attack my dog, so I attempted ringing doorbells and knocking on homes. And I was permitted in by a neighbor.

The security camera footage shows the young yorkie trying to attack the coyote while Lily flees screaming and crying for help. The coyote may be seen nipping and shaking Macy in certain scenes.

Fortunately, the dog escapes, and the coyote, evidently scared by the girl’s screams, flees down the street.


Despite her bravery in eluding the ferocious coyote, Macy had severe injuries to her torso and limb. She needed emergency surgery at the animal hospital for her injuries.

The hospital price is substantial, so the family set up a Go Fund Me page for their brave kid.

Dorothy narrates:

“Toronto Veterinary Hospital just called to let me know that Macy woke up in ICU this morning and was OK.” He ate some chicken and is now sound asleep.


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