Touching Tribute: Ruby Rose Remembers Beloved Brother Vin Diesel in Heartfelt Social Media Post

In the current year, Ruby Rose landed a significant part in Hollywood for the movie xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. Recently, the actress seemed to be feeling nostalgic and shared a tribute video for her friend and co-star Vin Diesel. She expressed that she was missing her brother after developing a strong bond during the filming period in recent months.

Australian actress Ruby Rose recently shared her fondness for co-star Vin Diesel on social media. The actress, who gained popularity from her role in the TV series “Orange Is the New Black,” starred alongside Diesel in one of her first major Hollywood roles this year. Rose has been keeping her 7.3 million social media followers updated on her recent filming commitments and expressed her longing to work with Diesel again. In a one-minute Instagram video posted on Wednesday, Rose and Diesel can be seen having fun on set. The actress captioned the clip “Missing my brother @vindiesel xXx already.”

Having fun: The highlight reel showcases Ruby and Vin riding a motorised scooter together into the sunset, with Vin playfully biting her earlobe. In another scene, they team up to hack a birthday cake with hand axes, and Vin carries Ruby on his back in yet another shot. Additionally, the video features a short clip that Vin shared on his Instagram account back in February, where he introduces Ruby to his followers on her first day of filming. Vin describes Ruby as “amazing” and a “monster” for her performance as Adele.

In a heartfelt open letter posted on Instagram earlier this year, Ruby expressed her admiration and connection to many of Vin’s film characters, calling him both a hero and an anti-hero. As a teenager in Melbourne, she idolized the Fast and Furious star and has previously spoken about the impact he had on her. Ruby praised Vin’s palpable energy and charisma on-screen, citing his roles in XXX and Fast and Furious as particularly inspiring to her. While growing up, she first imagined what it would be like to be him but later wondered what it would be like to work alongside him.

Ruby, a popular Australian-born personality, has been updating her 7.3 million social media followers on her recent filming commitments. She expressed nostalgia for a particular character from a movie she loved watching, who was both the hero and anti-hero. Unlike other secret agents on screen, she related more to Viп. The character always made her laugh, did impressive stunts, and was successful with women. To Ruby, he was someone she aspired to be like, and she never imagined being cast in a role alongside an actor she idolized and likely had a poster of on her wall.

In great physical condition: The actress, model, and DJ is definitely prepared to take on a starring role in the thrilling action sequel.

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