Travis Kelce seen leaving Chiefs’ win WITHOUT girlfriend Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce was seen leaving Gillette Stadium on Sunday without girlfriend Taylor Swift, according to exclusive photos.

The tight end was dressed in a baggy grey turtleneck sweater, khaki pants, sunglasses, and a black duffel bag.

Following his team’s victory, Kelce also held two Gatorade bottles.

Travis Kelce is seen walking onto the Chiefs' bus following his team's win on Sunday

Travis Kelce is seen walking onto the Chiefs’ bus following his team’s win on Sunday

Kelce held two Gatorade bottles after the 27-17 victory, in which he caught five ballsKelce waved to the cameras as he prepared to leave Gillette Stadium on Sunday night

He wore a turtleneck sweater and khaki-colored pants for his postgame outfit

It wasn’t the tight end’s best game, as he only had five catches for 28 yards.

She also said, ‘I wanna see [the play] back.’

Swift was in attendance to watch Kelce for the seventh time this season since the couple made their relationship public.

Her father, Scott, also made the trip up to the Boston area to join her.

He appeared to be wearing a red Chiefs jersey for the occasion, despite being a devoted Eagles fan.

Swift was accompanied by friends Alana Haim and Ashley Avignone.

Taylor Swift was joined by her close friends as she cheered on Travis Kelce on Sunday

She was visibly upset when her boyfriend Travis Kelce dropped a would-be touchdown

When her boyfriend Travis Kelce fumbled a potential touchdown, she was visibly upset.

Meanwhile, Mahomes threw his helmet in frustration after throwing an interception against the Patriots on Sunday.

Marte Mapu intercepted the Chiefs’ star with 6:57 remaining in the second quarter on a pass intended for Blake Bell.

In the second quarter, Mahomes was again frustrated when a pass intended for Kadarius Toney bounced off the receiver’s hands and was intercepted by Jahlani Tavai.

Despite this, Kansas City earned their ninth victory of the season

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