Unidentified Flying Object Emerges from Sun’s Core: Captured by Space Probe

Consider Nassim Haramein, a globally recognized Swiss scientist renowned for his unconventional theories challenging mainstream science. Over the years, he has steadfastly advocated his ideas concerning aliens, our Sun, and interstellar travel.Haramein posits that extraterrestrial spacecraft utilize the Sun as a portal, enabling travel to various locations in the Universe. In his view, the Sun acts as a type of star portal, connecting our solar system with other points in our galaxy or even beyond.

According to the Swiss scientist, any civilization advanced enough to harness the Sun’s energy could theoretically explore the universe without the need for an independent energy source.


And the truth is that his theory is quite interesting. As we remember, many ancient civilizations worshiped the Sun and it is believed that they were in contact with the gods who came from the sky. The worship of the Sun and solar deities was not uncommon in ancient times; this practice is called heliolatria. Many legends and beliefs are associated with this veneration. Therefore, everything seems to indicate that the extraterrestrial presence is equal to or older than the history of humanity.

On March 27, 2021, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) space probe from the space agencies ESA and NASA recorded an apparently ordinary and small eruption compared to the Sun. It was not even considered an eruption, but a small explosion of solar matter near the hotspot, but just then a UFO emerged from inside at high speed.

I was watching Helioviewer when I noticed an explosion,” Waring wrote on his Ufo Sightings Daily blog.

When I took a close-up of this area, I saw a black object come out of the explosion and cross an area within ten minutes. Although the video is fast, the time is also long. Also in the explosion, there were three rippling waves in front of the UFO. The area of the mysterious object was the only one without these waves. This is 100% proof that aliens live in a hollow space inside Earth’s sun. Hollow sun theory, remember? I created the theory, but it’s a scientific fact.”

But not everyone agrees with Waring’s explanation, as skeptics claim that the strange object is, in fact, simply a solar flare emerging from the surface.


Apparently, it is a common phenomenon on the sun. Astronomer Chris Impey of the University of Arizona said that most UFOs have logical and rational explanations. He argues that there are billions of objects in space near Earth that are likely to blame for most UFO sightings.

But what the astronomer doesn’t take into consideration is that this isn’t the first time a UFO has been recorded close to the Sun. Possibly the best-known incident occurred on March 12, 2012, when the Solar Dynamics Observatory telescope captured images that they showed a planetary-sized object connected to our nearest star by a dark filament (click here for the update). In this specific case, NASA declared that it was a bulge, a very common type of solar activity. stopped the images from wandering around the internet like wildfire, causing millions of reactions around the world. Now we have to wait for the space agencies to tell us that, as always, any explanation will be minus the possibility of it being a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. What do you, dear reader, think of this new UFO on the Sun?

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