Vin Diesel is still pained by the death of Paul Walker

The actor shared the time he had both suffered pain in his heart and had to handle everything on the set of the blockbuster “Fast & Furious 7”.

The blockbuster Fast & Furious 7 started filming at the end of 2013, expected to be released last summer, but actor Paul Walker suddenly died , interrupting everything.

Not only an actor, Vin Diesel is also the key producer and “guardian” of the series. “I’m not a screenwriter, but I’m an advisor and set the vision for the series,” the actor shared. After Paul’s death, the project was seemingly canceled. However, Vin Diesel has now regained his spirit and said he can make Fast & Furious up to episode 10.

Vin Diesel was emotional in a long talk about the making of “Fast & Furious 7” after Paul Walker passed away.

Sharing in a long interview with Variety , Vin Diesel said that as soon as he heard the news of Paul Walker’s death, he told the crew that he couldn’t do anything anymore, cancel everything and then pack his things and get on the plane. Vin flew to Paul Walker’s biological mother’s house in Los Angeles, stood outside the house but did not dare to enter for fear of disturbing his family. Walker’s mother pulled him inside and said she was sorry. “Why are you sorry? I’m Walker’s mother,” Vin said and then heard Walker’s mother reply: “That’s true, but you’re half of him.” Vin Diesel and Paul Walker knew each other before even coming to the project . The two grew up together in downtown New York – the cradle of many modern arts.

After the biggest crisis – with fans mourning Paul Walker, the production crew stopped filming for four months.

Vin Diesel was so depressed that he didn’t leave the house for weeks. “I’m scared. I’m afraid I can’t play Dom (the main character in Fast & Furious with such a broken heart.” Finally, he went to talk to Ron Meyer – vice president of NBC Universal studios. Meyer told Vin Diesel to return to the set when he calmed down and was sure he could continue filming. “The motivation for me to return is because I think Paul Walker in heaven wants me to complete this project.” .

Before Vin continued making Fast & Furious 7 , he agreed to voice the tree-man character Groot in the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, as psychological therapy. “Voicing the character representing life on earth partly healed my wounds,” he recalled. “Paul is probably one of the few people who can understand Vin, is close to Vin like a brother. They shared a journey of more than 10 years together. I still think Vin will never get over that loss,” Vin Diesel’s sister Samantha Vincent – who was the executive producer of four recent episodes of the Fast & Furious series , said.

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are as close as siblings after more than 10 years of accompanying the film series that started in 2001.

Vin admitted that last year, he cried more than all the times in his life combined. “Many days I post pictures on Facebook and scream sadly while reading everyone’s comments.” The star affirmed that Walker’s departure not only affected him personally but also changed him as an actor. “I acted more emotionally,” he explained.

On his first day back on set, Vin had to film a scene in which his character challenged Jason Statham’s character to a race. “I was originally an invincible person. But that day, I used up three boxes of tissues and I felt terrible. I felt so embarrassed. I have always been an actor respected by others.” because of my work ethic. But I failed miserably. Tears flowed down my eyes. I walked out of the studio and tried to stop my emotions. I couldn’t keep my emotions in check, so Fast & Furious 7 became the most difficult film I have ever acted in.”

On the set of Fast & Furious 7 , the image of Paul Walker is always present. “He’s like living and breathing with everyone,” shared Ludacris, who plays Tej Parker in the film.

Vin and the film crew received a lot of emotional support from the Walker family. “His younger brothers go anywhere, do anything to always make me feel comforted.” On the other hand, amateurs always pretend that Paul Walker is alive so they can do a better job. “I’ve been acting since I was 7 years old. My father is a drama teacher. But no one in the world can teach you how to act professionally when your heart is crying.”

An image of Paul Walker in the new movie.

Many film projects have failed after the main star passed away in the middle of filming. The movie The Crow with actor Ly Quoc Hao, Bruce Lee’s son, or the movie Gladiator with Oliver Reed had such hardships. Meanwhile, computer technology helps recreate the image of Paul Walker on screen in Fast & Furious 7 .

During filming, producers recruited three stuntmen including Paul’s two younger brothers and actor John Brotherton. Weta Studios (who enchanted the famous Gollum monster in the Lord of the Rings series ) was responsible for editing the image of Paul’s face in post-production. Details of this technological processing process are still kept secret. “Being able to control an actor’s body after he has passed away is a technological breakthrough today,” said actress Michelle Rodriguez.

Maintaining a tough exterior, Vin felt hurt again a few weeks ago when he sat down to watch the final cut of Furious 7 for the first time . Rodriguez said: “Vin was worried about disappointing Walker, that the movie didn’t honor his friend enough. But when the movie ended, he texted me to say he was relieved. That was the first time Vin felt comfortable. Vin is very proud of what the film crew achieved. It’s no longer just a movie. It’s like something more than a movie.”

On Facebook, Vin Diesel has the fourth most followers in the United States – 90 million followers, after Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and President Barack Obama. Recently, he welcomed daughter Paulin ( named after Paul Walker) but when talking about Furious 7 , the star is still proud like a real father. “Universal will have the biggest movie in history. The movie will win the “Best Picture” award at next year’s Oscar, unless Oscar doesn’t want to be worthy anymore,” Vin shared.

Fast & Furious 7 is expected to open in Vietnam from April 3 – the same day as North America – and in all 2D, 3D, 4DX and IMAX versions.

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