Whispers from the Hill: Delving into the Enigmatic Past of Edinburgh’s Arthur’s Seat and the 200-Year-Old Miniature Coffin Enigma

17 tiny “mummies” inside tiny coffins were accidentally discovered by 5 boys while hunting rabbits in the hills of Arthur’s Seat (Edinburgh, Scotland) in 1836…

Until now, the mystery of who created the tiny “mummies” or the purpose of creating them remains unknown. These “mummies” are completely different from the mummies that have been found so far because these are not mummies of humans or animals but are effigies.

The tiny “mummies” were found by five boys while hunting rabbits.

These special “mummies” attract attention as they are only about 10 cm long and are placed in each respective coffin. What’s interesting is that each mannequin wears elaborate costumes that look like they were tailored for a real person.

At the discovery site, 17 “mummies” were arranged in 3 horizontal rows. Among them, 2 rows have 8 “mummies” and 1 row has 1 “mummy”.

Faced with the appearance of these tiny “mummies”, the scientific community is extremely interested in investigating to find out their origin and meaning. According to research by experts, the entire “mummy” was meticulously made from wood.

They are made of wood very meticulously and all have an arm missing.

All 17 “mummies” have one thing in common: they are all missing one arm. Based on the condition of each mummy, experts speculate that they were likely created by two people. Although the origin of the “mummies” remains a mystery, some people speculate that they are witches’ charms or amulets of Scottish sailors.

The most supported theory is that these 17 “mummies” belong to two notorious Scottish murderers in the early 19th century, Burke and Hare, because the number of “mummies” matches the number of victims they murdered. back in the 1820s.

There is a theory that these 17 “mummies” belong to two notorious Scottish murderers in the early 19th century, Burke and Hare.

However, people cannot explain why they placed 17 “mummies” inside tiny coffins for what purpose. Therefore, until now the mystery of these special “mummies” still makes the scientific community “scratch their heads” looking for solutions.

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